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Thruster 700C Fixie Bike Black / Red Review

Choosing a bike means choosing comfort, versatility, and speed. The Thruster 700C Urban Fixie Bike Black / Red might be a contender for any city rider thanks to its steel frame, strong wheels, and ability to switch from fixed to single gear. 

As a city bike, you can expect no frills or extras that will bog down your riding experience. Nonetheless, each Thruster bike is stylish and practical. They are available in black or matte red colors and are excellent fixed gear bikes.

Steel Racing Frame and Fork

The Thruster 700C bike might not be for racing, but it encompasses the strength of one. The frame is also lightweight, making the bike easy to store or hang up. With that weight, the bike is capable of going over 20 mph.

Fixed-Gear Riding

As a city bike, this bike only has one gear speed. It is easy to ride in that regard and is capable of riding on pavement and gravel. It might be dangerous to ride this bike on hilly trails, but it does make for easy coasting on flat roads. Plus, having no dangling cables or extra gears means a more straightforward, trimmer bike design.

A steel rise stem full-protection chain guard helps tighten the pedaling design. A pair of 38mm wheels with 700C alloy rims stay strong even during the roughest city commutes.

Flexible Gear Configuration

The Thruster 700C bike is a flexible city bike model that allows you to flip the rear wheel around. Doing so turns the bike from a single-gear configuration to a fixed gear. The single gear enables the bike to coast without pedaling, whereas the fixed gear requires a little more pedaling power. Either one, though, is easy and comfortable to ride.

Comes Ready for Assembly

Although the bike does not come fully assembled, the package has all the tools needed to put it together. However, some help might be necessary for adjusting the brakes or the handlebars. Having a little oil on hand to help with assembly might help too.

Before riding out, check to make sure the tires and brakes work solidly. Some customers recommend getting the bike checked out at a shop to ensure safety, but if you do a careful job assembling the bike, that should not be necessary.

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Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve gone over just some of the Thruster bike’s features, here are some pros and cons of this particular model.


  • Lightweight, but durable, frame
  • Great for the price
  • Rides smoothly
  • Handles gravel and pavement
  • Lasts several years


  • Tires and brakes might require more work.
  • Cheap bike stickers leave a residue when removed.
  • Brakes are not that powerful for stops.


Even with all this said, you might still have some questions about how to assemble the bike, ride it, and maintain it.

How Tall Should You Be to Ride this Bike?

This model has 80 x 40 x 21-inch package dimensions, so it should work for people between 5’8 and 6′. Keep in mind that this is a men’s bike, so it’s built for taller people, but slightly smaller folk should also be comfortable.

However, if you have a larger build, you can switch the bike seat out for a larger one to accommodate you.

If I Lose the Instructions, How Can I Replace Them?

The official Thruster website has plenty of information on bike assembly and part replacement. For any further information, you’ll have to contact Thruster by email or by contacting a specific Thruster dealer near you.

How Good is this Bike with Non-City Terrains?

The Thruster 700C model is a city bike, so it’ll work best with flat, easy terrains, like pavement or gravel. Be careful going downhill, as the single and fixed gear are suitable for coasting but won’t stop the bike at a downhill angle.

Is the Single or Fixed Gear Better for General Riding?

Either gear is just fine for riding, but some customers recommend using the fixed gear because it requires slightly more power and provides slightly better control.

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Final Verdict

The Thruster 700C model does everything a city bike should: provide comfortable speed and gear versatility for your commute needs. You might need to tighten or replace the brakes and wheels a little sooner than other models. However, it is still durable, lightweight, and will last a long time.

While the Thruster 700C only works best for smooth roads or trails and has weaker brakes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more durable and stylish ride for your city commute.

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