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State Bicycle Co. Fixed-Gear 3.0 Montecore Bike Review


State Bicycle Company makes bikes by bicyclists, for bicyclists. Who better to ask what the best bike is than the experts and the people who want to ride these bikes themselves?

This bike brings style and fun to the name of the fixie game. The State Bicycle Co. Fixed-Gear-Bicycles State Bicycle Fixed Gear/Fixie 3.0 Montecore Bike is a fun ride for all who get to enjoy it. It is highly recommended as an excellent option for a great ride around town, to work, or pick up some speed and go for a ride on this fantastic fixed-gear road bike.

About State Bicycle Co.

Based out of Tempe, Arizona, the State Bicycle Co. ideals are simple but essential to the products they put forth. This company focuses on keeping the cost low and the quality of the products they produce high. They have achieved this goal with their Fixed-Gear 3.0 Montecore Bike.

The company always keeps the customer in mind by making this bike available fully customizable, allowing the company to maintain its promise to its consumers to uphold fixed-gear riding culture. Additionally, their first and foremost goal is to support their fellow bikers and the riding community. They are bringing forth products that are the best.

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Main Features

This bike can be customized from what model you can choose from the handlebar styles and options. Additionally, you can select the perfect frame size. Six frame options are provided, ranging in several sizes, offering the best possible ride for you.

State Bicycle Co. stays true to themselves and the customer base to bring forth five handlebar styles: riser bars, bullhorns, pista bars, drop bars, and Pursuit. This allows riders to customize their specifications and optimize their ride based on their needs or location.

Fixies are raved about and appreciated because they are a stripped-down bike. These bikes offer the rider a lightweight ride without sacrificing too much performance. Not much is involved in a fixie. However, what parts this bike has, it goes all out on. The State Bicycle Co. Fixed-Gear-Bicycles State Bicycle Fixed Gear/Fixie 3.0 Montecore Bike is the best and most customizable option around.


Listed below are the specific features of the Fixed-Gear 3.0 Montecore:


  •         The wheels are 700c aluminum track wheels, with 100mm/120mm dropout spacing wheels.
  •         Rim depth: 43mm


  •         52 x 23 x 7 inches


  •         23 pounds

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Some of the pros that come with this bike include…

  • Fully Customizable: over a dozen different standard models to choose from. Customizable from top to bottom.
  • Frame Choice: Choose the best fit for you with six different frame sizes to accommodate each body. 
  • Lightweight: Made from lightweight 4130 Chromoly. 
  • Warranty: Includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Dependent on product defects.


Of course, this bike has its fair share of issues too…


  • Ultra-thin Tires: ultra-thin tires are more prone to pop when in contact with sharp objects.
  • Price: While State Bicycle Co. maintains that their prices are affordable. These bikes are built by enthusiasts and have excellent quality. The price is ideal for what you get but may be at the top end of some budgets.


Still got questions? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that people have about this bike: 

What is the quality of this bike?

This bike is built well, overall. It was created for a cyclist to have fun and enjoy the ride while on a quality bike for a great price.

What is the frame built out of, and is it lightweight?

Fixed-Gear 3.0 Montecore Bike is lightweight. It is made with a lightweight 4130 Chromoly frameset. This is superior and stronger than other frames, such as a hi-tensile steel frame.

What is Fixie Culture?

Fixed gear bicycles are widely accepted and celebrated in urban culture. As cities scaled up their bike paths and brought bike culture to city life, fixies took hold of that culture by a storm. A customizable and personalized way to stylize a staple of transportation in cities has evolved fixie culture into what it is today.

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Final Thoughts

This bike is undoubtedly great. It has been brought to you by the minds of people who love to ride their bikes and want to make the best bikes to ride. They understand what to optimize to get that optimal ride and have most definitely brought that forth in the State Bicycle Co. Fixed-Gear 3.0 Montecore Bike.

Everything about these bikes can be personalized and made to fit the rider to a T. Not only that, but this bike is affordable for what you get. Additionally, online reviews rave about this product, saying that there is little to complain about.

Create a bike that is all you and join the fixie revolution by getting a State Bicycle Co. Fixed-Gear 3.0 Montecore Bike and make every ride just as fun and fantastic as the last.