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State Bicycle Co. Contender II Premium Fixed Gear Fixie Bike Review

It can be challenging for outdoor and exercise lovers to find the perfect bicycle and make it their own. The right bike is essential, even if you are just a recreational cyclist who enjoys a nice ride now and then.

So, what is a fixie bike?

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Fixie is a short term for a fixed-gear bike, which means the bike’s drivetrain has no freewheel mechanism. In simpler terms, having a fixed-gear bike means your bike is more mechanically efficient compared to other types of bikes. It puts you in perfect shape for the racetrack.

The fixed-gear drivetrain ensures that as much of your power as possible gets transferred to the wheels, which essentially requires less energy from you, the rider. In other words, you feel more at one and in sync with the bike, and the ride becomes more thrilling and exciting. 

Riding this type of bike also improves the way you maneuver and makes the experience a lot of fun by giving you full control. Another plus is that bikes with a fixed gear need significantly less maintenance since they have fewer parts. What this means is that you will be set for your commute or routine for years to come without having to worry about upkeep.

With all that said, finding the right fixie bike is still not the most straightforward task. In this article, we have reviewed the State Bicycle Co. Contender II Premium Fixed Gear/Fixie Bike in the hopes that it helps you in your search for the perfect bike to make your own.

Read on for highlights of the bike’s features and to find out our final verdict.



The first excellent point we want to make about the State Bicycle Co. Contender II Premium Fixed Gear Fixie Bike is its premier components.

Reynolds manufactures the frame and uses 520 chrome-moly steel for its crafting. Essor USA makes the bike’s fork from carbon fiber. The brake features an aluminum steer tube, and the crankset is SRAM S100 and has a Truvativ PowerSpline bottom bracket. There is also a headset—not just any headset but an FSA Orbit MX one.


With an aerodynamic shape, premium race saddle, front and rear brakes, and toe cages featured on the alloy paddles, the State Bicycle Co. Contender II Premium Fixed Gear Fixie Bike comes in six frames. Whether your height is 4 feet and 10 inches or 6 feet and 6 inches, the bike can accommodate you and have you riding comfortably and happily. 


As we have already pointed out, the bike’s six different frames are an outstanding feature that makes it an excellent choice for many people.

Another exciting point we want to make about this bike is that it comes in various colors and sizes, which boosts its rankings even more. You can ride off in style and be your authentic and unique self at all times.

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  •  It’s ideal for track racing.
  • The light weight makes for a smooth and balanced ride.
  • The premium parts ensure quality.
  • The various colors and size options give you freedom of choice and style.


  • There is no option for freewheeling.
  • The bike and its premium parts can be pricey.
  • It may take time to adjust to the fixed-gear riding more.


Still have questions about what this bike can do? We may have the answers below:

Q: When was the bike manufactured, and who is the maker?

A: The bike made its debut in May of 2016. State Bicycle Co manufactures it and the V2 was updated in 2019.

Q: What are the bike’s dimensions and weight?

A: The weight of the bike is 21 pounds, and its dimensions in inches are 51x33x7.

Q: What are the size and color of the bike?

A: The bike comes in blue, green, red, and silver, and the currently available sizes are 46cm, 59cm, and 62cm.

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Final Verdict

Without further delay, let’s move on to our final verdict. 

The decision is unanimous—the State Bicycle Co. Contender II Premium Fixed Gear Fixie Bike is a first-rate, first-class, superior bicycle and an outstanding choice. It’s especially perfect for you if you are a serious cyclist who wants to make a solid impression on the track while being yourself, being in complete control, and having loads of fun.

We highly recommend this bike and are super confident that you will be delighted by ensuring your continuous refreshing, exhilarating, and enjoyable bike experience for many years ahead. You will also be impressed with the low maintenance required, and we can safely say that your happy dance will undoubtedly be called for when you bring this baby home.

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