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Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike Review

If you must have a city bike, comfort, speed, and safety are your top priorities. The Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike uses strong wheels, a first-rate steel frame, and can switch between fixed gear and single gear speed. 

Most city bikes may call for practicality, but that doesn’t mean you should give up style, as each Schwinn Kedzie bike comes in either blue or matte red. The simple, no-fuss design adds further ease and simplicity to any city ride.

Sturdy Steel Frame

The Schwinn Kedzie bike comes with a lightweight steel frame and fork. While other bikes bend or dent on hard contact, you can count on the frame staying solid and whole during the most demanding rides. Despite that durability, it is easy to hang in your garage or carry up or downstairs.

Fixed-Gear Riding

Unlike most bikes, the Schwinn Kedzie bike has only one gear speed. Don’t let that make you think this bike has no versatility or that it’s tough to ride. The fixed gear speed allows for long-term coasting on city roads, or maybe even on gravel trails. The brakes, made from plastic, are not the strongest on this bike, so be careful when going downhill.


Flexible Gear Configuration

Although the Schwinn Kedzie bike only has a single gear, it can still switch between single gear and fixed gear. A flip-flop hub attached to the bike makes this possible. The fixed gear configuration requires more pedaling, but the single gear allows for comfortable coasting on flat roads. 

For driving power, this bike has a 46T by 18T single-speed drivetrain with a flip-flop hub for driving power. A pair of 700C wheels with 32H alloy rims provide extra durability. All this should help make for a pleasant, comfortable ride.

Comes Set for DIY Assembly

You will need to perform some assembly work on this bike. It should be easy for the most part since the package comes with the necessary tools. However, some customers recommended that you get the bike checked for safety at your local bike shop. Since you assemble the bike yourself, having tools on hand for necessary adjustments might give you peace of mind.

Some customers have reported that the handlebars can loosen if jarred. Again, this bike might not work best for sloping or rough terrains, so be careful when riding.

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

Pros and Cons

We’ll try to simplify the best and worst parts of the Schwinn Kedzie model with the following lists of pros and cons.


  • Lightweight frame that’s easy to hang or store
  • Durable steel fork
  • Handles all flat-road terrains
  • Easy and smooth to ride
  • Stylish, fun colors


  • The bike seat might be a little uncomfortable.
  • Brakes are not suitable for going downhill.
  • Assembly might require extra items.


Below, you may find the answers to some common questions about bike assembly and maintenance. 

Should I Use the Single or Fixed Gear for Riding?

Which gear you use depends on your comfort level. Would you rather coast for long periods? Would you rather exert more control over your bike with more pedaling? Either one is perfectly comfortable, not to mention safe, so choose which one you like most.

If I Lose the Assembly Instructions, Can I Replace Them?

If you go to the official Schwinn website, you’ll find plenty of free tutorials for assembling all kinds of bikes. You’ll also find information on bike maintenance, as well as biking tips and skills.

Would this Bike Work Better for a Tall or Short Person?

Most bikes can accommodate all heights. For context, this model has a 22.8 by 58 cm frame. Most people, particularly those between 5’10 and 6′, have found this size to work for them.

Can I Still Ride this “City Bike” Outside the City?

City bikes work best with flat, easy terrains (hence the “city bike” name). It might work all right with easy woods trails made from gravel or dirt, but your best bet lies with pavement.

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Final Verdict

As a city bike, the Schwinn Kedzie model delivers on its promise of fixed and single gear versatility, comfort, and speed. That said, it might help to take the bike to a shop to make sure you assembled everything as well as you could. Carrying extra tools on your rides might save you another trip if anything gets jarred out of place. 

Be careful going downhill, and treat the bike well with smoother roads. Nonetheless, the bike is pretty durable, and you can easily store it anywhere.