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Max4out Track Bikes Single Speed Urban Fixie Review

There are several factors no bicyclist or commuter wants to skimp on: safety, stability, and comfort. All of which have been carefully considered and given the stamp of approval on this wonderful Max4out Track Bikes Single Speed Urban Fixie.

Go on a beautiful ride or work in style with a . With easy maintenance and an undoubtedly thrilling ride for all cyclists, this bike is sure to offer you the lift you don’t want to end.

This bike encapsulates the idea of riding for the love of it. Bicycle enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled over this bicycle. Even more, not much is to be overlooked on this bike. Simultaneously, it is potentially simple in look. It is mighty in general use, variability, and safety.

Safety and Versatility

Max 4 Out Track Bikes Single Speed Urban Fixie’s are an excellent ride for anyone commuting or out for their afternoon ride. With a stiff and secure steel frame, safety needs not to be a concern of any rider.

Riders can ride in style with a touch of variety when riding Max 4 Out Track’s single-speed urban fixie. Switch between a fitted single speed bike, or lock down the cog for a fixie and a different kind of ride.

Single Speed Urban Bike



Included in these bikes are flip-flop hubs, allowing for a ride in a fixed-gear or the ability to easily switch cogs to ride similarly to a single-speed bike.

This bike is stacked up with the best components for the best kind of ride. The 700 x 25C tires allow for more contact with the road, offering optimum control and reducing the risk of an injury to you or damage or destruction coming to your bike from a few potholes.

A rider may rest assured of their safety, knowing this machine’s structure and stability is all in the high-tensile strength steel. A-frame such as this ensures durability and a safer ride on undesirable road conditions. The frame won’t budge or ding when gliding over bumps, dives, and dips in the road ahead.

While the bike maintains a sleek build and a lighter weight than most other steel-framed bikes, this bike comes in at 39.6lbs. This bike’s overall weight is a bit on the top end for the weight of a road bike and commuters. However, the steel frame’s safety and security justifies the weight and keep riders happy with a safe vehicle under them.  

With riser style handlebars, riders can enjoy a comfortable and casual riding position ideal for staying on your toes and allows faster reflex and handling while behind this bike’s handlebar.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve given you a quick look at this model, let’s check out some advantages and drawbacks of the bike.


  • High ratings and sturdy materials make this a high-quality ride
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-performance tires are sturdy and ready to ride, and they can take a mild beating on rough asphalt
  • The sealed bottom bracket assures that no dirt or moisture can penetrate and cause the bike issues.


  • This bike weighs 39.6 pounds, which traditionally is a bit more weight than a standard road bike.
  • Limiting with the single speed option


What is included with this bike?

Included within this bicycle are some great things to consider. Specifics on this bike include a single speed crank with pedals.

The handlebars are raised handlebars and are a length of 25.1 inches, the perfect match for the seat, which is adjustable for maximized comfort and a less physically exerting ride. The seat height has a flexible range of 5.9 inches.

What height does an individual need to be in order to fit this bike?

With the appropriate seat height adjustments, this frame’s structure can support an individual between the height range of 5’2″-5-9″ comfortably.

What are the dimensions of the bike?

The frame size is 22 inches while the entire bicycle length is 25.1 inches, including wheels with a diameter of 26.7 inches.


Final Verdict

Overall, this is an impressive machine with a lot to offer cyclists interested in a great ride. This bike is sure to thrill, please, and bring a little easy and joy to the rider, an easy feat by such a great product.

This bike is transitional, safe, and easy to use. What is not to love a Max4out Track Bikes Single Speed Urban Fixie?