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Kent Thruster Men’s Fixie Bike Review

This fixie bike is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement while they’re riding around.  It is practical for anyone who wants a commuter bike or one for leisure.  It has the speed and capability of other bikes to ensure you’ll make it to work on time.

The frame is sturdy and durable to handle the daily commute.  The steel parts allow you to take it over rough bumps and curbs without bending or breaking the bike.  The chain guard is fully protected to keep your pants from getting caught in the crank.  There are front and back brakes that work to help you stop quickly.


The steel parts on the bike are steel, which help you out on rough roads.  Even if you go over a curb, the fork and wheels won’t bend, even if you’re going fast.  It’s a durable bike that will withstand the weather, just in case it is wet out.  You’ll be thrilled as you’re riding around on this bike.  The bike will be sure to hold up over time as well.

Alloy Brakes

The alloy brakes are ideal for anyone who rides fast.  The combination of the front and back brakes allow you to stop quicker before you get injured.  The brakes are located on the handlebars, allowing you to stop quickly.  Some bikes have the brakes on the pedals, and they respond too quickly.  Having the brake switch at your disposal will keep you safe from stopping too fast.


The single speed feature is ideal for riding around the city.  You don’t have to worry about switching gears while you’re riding.  The single-speeds are perfect for navigating around the city and keeping up your speed.  Getting on the bike and being able to ride off quickly will save you precious time and energy.  You won’t have to pedal as much with the single-speed feature on the bike.

Chain Guard

The chain guard on the crank will save your legs from getting injured.  Not only that, but you won’t have to tuck your pant leg into your sock.  It’s the best way to keep your nice pants from getting caught in the chain.  You won’t have to worry about people looking at you and laughing at your pant leg.  You can keep riding around in style with this bike.


  • Perfect commuter bike
  • Smooth to ride
  • It is lightweight
  • Excellent price for the quality


  • The wheels are painted
  • The brakes may not grip the rim completely

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the stickers peel off?

A: The stickers do peel off.  There may be some glue left over, but you can get some rubbing alcohol to remove it.

Q: Will this bike support a big guy?

A: The bike should be able to hold anyone under seven feet tall.

Final Verdict

The Kent Thruster Men’s Fixie Bike is the ideal commuter bike.  The chain guard is ideal for anyone who commutes to work in nice clothes. It rides comfortably and smoothly. You’ll enjoy yourself as you’re riding into work in style. The durable components are ideal for anyone who wants a bike to last them.

The front and back braking system may not always work perfectly, but they’re better than other systems. I would recommend it for the price and the quality of the bike. You won’t find too many with the style and chain guard to keep more pairs of pants intact.

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