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Choosing a Bike

How to Choose a Bike

Are you Thinking of Buying a Bicycle/Bike? Buying a bike depends on what kind of cycling you want to do.

The table below will help you in choosing a bike:

Weekend WarriorInfrequent riding (once or twice a month, under 10kms).
On road and on bike paths.
Riding to the local shops a few times a week.
Mountain Bike
Riding Spin Bikes at
the Gym is Getting Boring
Riding for general fitness or for cross training.Flat Bar Road Bike
Cruising Around TownLong easy rides (10 km +).
Spending a whole afternoon riding on bike paths.
Mostly on road and a little bit of single track riding.
Fast riding but with comfort and enjoyment as a major factor.
City Bikes
CommuterCommuting, riding from point A to B on a regular basis e.g. commuting to and from work everyday.Commuter Bikes
Dirt DevilOff paved roads.
Rough or bumpy trails.
Riding in the bush.
Mountain Bike
Serious Off-RoaderLong distance cross country
Riding rough terrain.
Dual Suspension Mountain Bike
You Feel the Need, the Need for Speed!Want to get into great shape from riding fast.
Your only goal is to break the land speed record…on a bike.
Like to racing or riding competitively.
Road Bike

I hope this Simple Guide will Help you in choosing your fixie bike. Choose a Fixie that suites your needs and with good user ratings.

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