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Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Road Bike Review

This bike features a fixed gear cog and single-speed sprocket to make pedaling easier than other bikes.  It’s an excellent bike for commuting to and from work, or if you love to ride bikes.  The custom riser handlebars are ideal for anyone who needs to adjust the handlebars to ride comfortably.

It’s a quality bike that you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time on your commute to work.  The flip-flop hub is ideal for anyone who wants to have an easy bike to use while they’re on it.

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The durability of the bike is due to the steel they use to make it.  You won’t have to worry about the fork or frame getting bent, even if you take it over rough roads. It will be able to handle any holes or bumps, and even curbs, if you go over them.  It’s the perfect bike to ride around in the city where the roads need maintenance.  You’ll be happy as the bike won’t bend or break in any holes on your route.

Excellent Wheels

The deep alloy rims prevent them from getting bent when you run over potholes or jump off curbs.  They’re strong enough to handle anything while you’re riding around the city.  The sealed bearing flip-flop hub keeps the tires intact with the bike to ensure a pleasant and smooth ride.  You won’t feel too many bumps while you’re riding the bike.

Perfect Crank

The alloy crank will allow you to pedal easier.  The design of the crank gives it a stylish look that will make other people jealous.  It’s an excellent crank that allows you to keep your energy up, and prevent you from pedaling too hard.  The simple design means less maintenance and more riding.  You’ll be thrilled as you don’t have to worry about the chain locking up in the crank.

Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Road Bike Review

Ideal for City

If you’re looking for an excellent commuter bike to get you to and from work, you can’t go wrong with this option.  The simple design and durable frame means you won’t have to spend more money replacing the parts on it.  It will hold up against anything you throw at it, and will keep you going.  You’ll be amazed at the effortless way the bike handles bumps on the road.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect gear ratio
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Lightweight


  • Tubes may go flat quickly
  • The pedals are made of plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find replacement parts?

A: You can go to any bike shop to find the replacement parts for the bike.

Q: Is it a fixed bike or freewheel?

A: It is freewheel when it comes to you.  It does have a flip-flop hub so you can switch it out.

Q: What’s the one thing I should replace?

A: If there is one thing you might want to replace, it would be the plastic pedals.

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Final Verdict

This bike is ideal for anyone looking for a durable bike they can use to commute to work.  It has all the excellent qualities one looks for when they’re looking for a commuter bike.

Even though the pedals are made of plastic, and the tires may not hold up for a while, it’s still a good bike to do what you need it to do.  You’ll be thrilled with the way it rides and how it holds up during the city commute.  I would recommend it for anyone looking for a long-term solution to commuting.

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