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Best Single Speed Commuter Bike – Guide & Reviews

Have you been looking for the best single speed commuter bike and hadn’t much luck? There is actually increasing demand for commuter bikes today as a lot of people have become interested in biking as it’s healthy and convenient. It is also a practical alternative to other forms of transport that could get you stuck in traffic.

But how do you find a good bike?

Not all bikes are meant for commuting and some are better than others. I have had this problem myself so I decided to write these reviews so you can have your pick of the best here.

In addition I’ve included some buying tips so you will be able to find the ideal bike. As the following will show, there are a lot of things you need to mull over prior to making a purchase.

How to Choose the Best Single Speed Commuter Bike

Here are the features you should look for, and we will also go over some of the factors you need to consider.

General Features

  • The frame is usually made of steel and the rider’s position is more comfortable compared to other bikes. The positon and geometry have been designed so you can ride faster without exerting as much effort. The general rule when it comes to frames is find one that is lightweight and durable.
  • The wheels and tires are built out of heavy duty materials to withstand regular commuting. Most of them also have fenders. A growing number of commuter bikes now have special features and parts, but generally they’re still simpler than other bikes.
  • Single vs. multiple gears: most bikes for commuting have one gear (fixed or single speed). Multiple gears are recommended if you’re going to use the bike for fitness, but if you’re using it to go to work, a single gear will be enough.

Manufacturers go out of their way to make their product stand out, but these bikes share some common features.


  • Take a good look at the area you have to cross and if there are alienate roads or routes you can take. When it comes to terrain, the overall durability of the bike must be considered including the frame and tires.
  • Going over these roads may take time, but keep in mind that the feel will be different when you’re on a bike than a car. Some roads and alternative routes you breeze through while on a car could be harder on a single speed

Are the roads in your area smooth? Is it flat or are there hills to cross? Will there be areas besides pavement you have to ride across?


You can find a cheap bike anywhere, but if you’re going to use the bike extensively get a quality product.

  • Are you going to use the bike every day? There’s also the question of how long you’ll be riding. If it’s going to be 30 minutes to an hour on diverse terrain, a quality bike is a must. Buying a bike is easy, but you have got to make sure it is a quality product. In the past you had to spend a lot of money to buy a good bike, but competition among companies has reduced the cost by a significant amount.
  • Capacity: you need to bring stuff to work like a laptop or hygienic products. If you’re going to carry a lot, look for a bike that allows you to attach a bag to it. This will not be an issue if you are a light commuter however.

Physical Condition

Are you physically fit? In that case you can buy any type of bike, but if you’re recovering from an injury or have problems with your back or hip, comfort will be paramount.

  • Even if you are recovering from an injury, do not let that be a reason not to ride on a bike. In fact riding a bike is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get back in shape.
  • For elderly people or those who are out of shape, pay close attention to the saddle and seating position. If you’re going to spend a lot of time on the bike, comfort should be a priority. And remember that you can replace the parts if they’re no longer comfortable or something better is available.

Other Considerations

Look for a lightweight and compact bike you can quickly store while at work. And don’t forget that maintenance and upgrades come with the package. If you’re not the type who likes to tinker with their bikes, look for one that has most components pre-assembled.

Best Single Speed Commuter Bike

Recommended Single Speed Commuter Bike Reviews

The following are the top commuter bikes available. In the following reviews we’ll highlight their most important features and what you can expect from each one.

1. Hiland Road Hybrid Bike Urban City Commuter Bicycle 700C Bike




  • City life can mean that you don’t have much time to get in a good workout and still get about your daily work. Cycling, as a mode of transport, helps you hit two birds with one stone. Let’s take a look at the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike Urban City Commuter Bicycle 700C Wheels with Single-Speed White. This single-speed bike is great for city riding. The frame is made of steel, making it durable.The 700C wheels will give you decent speed as you ride through the city. You can choose your frame size, from 50cm to 58 cm. it has a retro design and looks good, with no excess branding. It looks clean.
    • The bike comes in different sizes
    • You can get good speed
    • It looks good
    • It is easy to assemble
    • It doesn’t come fully assembled
    • It can seem heavy


2. Schwinn Stites Fixie Adult Commuter Road Bike

Check Price

Are you considering buying the Schwinn Stites fixie adult commuter road bike, single-speed, steel stand-over frame, 700c wheels, flip-flop hub, multiple colours? It’s a single-speed bike, with a 58cm steel frame and fork. It is propelled by a 46T by 18T single-speed drivetrain with a flip-flop hub. It has 700c wheels and does well on city roads. 

For added safety, the bike has alloy front and rear calliper brakes. The white and black highlights on the wheels can go two ways, you could love them or hate them. It is designed to do well on city rides. If you want to go off-road, you may want to look for a different bike.  

  • The seat is comfortable
  • It has a simple and clean design
  • It has a good braking system
  • It does well for commuting especially on city routes
  • It may have durability issues.
  • It’s specifically designed for men

3. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike (Large)

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The Takara bike is an affordable alternative to the more commuting bikes but it doesn’t lack in terms of functionality.

It doesn’t have the fancy components present in other bikes, but if you’re after simplicity the Takara will do nicely.

The flip flop hub on the rear wheel is just one of the nice features here. Just as important is the way the bike is able to balance, accelerate and decelerate without requiring too much effort.

The built is solid and the handling is very responsive. The frame provides sufficient toe clearance so there’s no need to worry about your foot getting hit by the wheel.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for riders 5’10” to 6’2”
  • Alloy side pull brakes
  • Tig-welded steel frame
  • Rear flip flop hub for freewheel or fixed gear

4. Vilano Classic City Single Speed Bike Step Through Dutch Style Road Bicycle

The Vilano Women’s Classic is a 700c bike built expressly for the city rider.

The frame, geometry and handlebars combine to give the bike a classic look and feel.

The saddle ensures you ride in comfort, while the 700c solid frame keeps the bike stable. There is some assembly needed, but the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. Once you’ve put the whole thing together you’ve got a smooth riding bike.

Highlighted Features

  • Single speed bike with classic Dutch styling, designed for urban riding; Size: 50cm, Color: Vintage Wheat
  • Mustache handlebars with comfort grips and matching saddle, 700c wheels
  • Classic steel frame, upright posture allows for comfortable smooth ride
  • Coaster brake for easy foot braking, no cables for a clean look, water bottle mounts, matching brown saddle and grips

Final Verdict on Single Speed Commuter Bikes

There are just a few more things I want to add. If you’re going to buy a bike for the first time, it’s imperative you learn as much about it as possible. I am not just talking about a specific type but bikes in general. The more you know the more specific you can be about the features.

This can take time yes, but with the reviews and tips above your search for the best single speed commuter bike should be easier. I would recommend you try any of the five here, as they’re very capable of taking you where you need to go in the city.

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