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Best Fixie Bike Frames – Guide & Reviews

Are you confused by all the bicycle frames being sold today? There was a time when bikes only used one type of frame, but times have changed and there are now specific frame types for specific bikes.

One of the most common mistakes new riders make is assuming that any type of frame will do, but that is not the case anymore as these rides have become more specialized, hence the need for the best fixie bike frames.

If you are going to ride a fixie, it’s important to get a frame that is suited for that bike, as choosing the wrong type could have an adverse effect on its overall performance.

I used to have that kind of problem too so I had to make sure the bike frames I used were the right ones. Now I have gone over the best frames available and put them together here.

How to Choose the Best Bike Frames

There are several factors that should be considered, including the size of the frame and the type of bike you will ride. In addition you have to account for the terrain and the type of riding you intend to do.


The fork is the component on the bicycle that joins the frame onto the front wheel. The fork is also essential for helping you steer the bike properly. Forks have two ends that are connected to the bicycle’s front wheel, so when buying a frame, make certain it is the proper size for the bike wheel. These pointers are applicable not just to road bike frames but other bikes as well.

Bike Frame Measurement

Some pointers here:

  • When it comes to bike frames three elements are measured: your reach, the inside leg measurement and your height. This is true for all bike frames.
  • It is your inside leg measurement that determines the bike’s stand over height: the stand over height is the clearance between your crotch when standing along the front of the saddle and bike’s top tube. A minimum clearance of 2” is ideal.
  • If your inside leg measurement and height places you between sizes, the deciding factor will be your upper body. If your arm span is greater compared to your height, go with the larger size, but if you are taller than your arm span, it is better to go smaller.
  • Women’s bikes have narrow handlebars, and the frame, along with other features, are tailor made for the female form as their torsos are usually shorter compared to men, but have longer legs.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone falls in the average size category so test the bike first.

Types of Bike Frames

The following are the most widely used.

Mountain Bike Frames

These frames are built with comfort in mind rather than speed. Shock absorbers are connected to the frame’s front or front and back, and the frame is rectangular with a greater height than width. There may be some variations but this is the general setup to emphasize strength and comfort.

Hybrid Bike Frames

Hybrid and roadster bike frames are typically built of steel and are heavier than other frames. The seat tube is configured in such a way you can sit upright, and the handlebars are upright too so it’s quite comfortable. Hybrid and coaster bikes for women have a step through for easier mounting.

Hybrid frames are durable and like the hybrid bike, provide the best of both worlds. They are the ideal solution to riders who want to do a bit of everything and not focused exclusively on one type of ride.

Road Bike Frames

The typical road bike frame is built for minimum drag and weight, and the seat tube angle is steeper compared to other bikes. This is necessary so your riding position is aerodynamically sound, albeit not as comfortable as on other frames. The frames are usually made from aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium or steel. The drop handlebars are also joined to the frame.

Folding Bikes

As the name makes clear, folding bikes are foldable for convenient transportation and use. Most of these bikes are made of aluminum or other light materials and have a hinge in the center of the frame or multiple hinges that fold close to the front of the frame and the rear wheel.

The wheels on these bikes are compact to conserve even more space as you fold the bike. Most of the time folding bikes comes in one size fits all so height won’t be an issue.

Other Considerations

Bike frames come in all shapes and sizes, but the common denominator is the need to balance durability and weight. That is the reason why aluminum is so popular right now because it provides just the right balance. However there are other material options you should keep an eye on.

Best Fixie Bike Frames

Recommended Fixie Bike Frames Reviews

Now that we have covered the essentials of choosing a bike frame for your fixie, it’s time we have to go through the reviews of the top five. I have spent a lot of time comparing these products and I am confident you will find the following satisfactory.

1.State Bicycle Co. Fixed-Gear-Bicycle-Frames State Bicycle Black Label 6061 v2 Aluminum Frame and Fork Set

Are you considering buying the State Bicycle Co. Fixed-Gear-Bicycle-Frames State Bicycle Black Label 6061 v2 Aluminum Frame and Fork Set? This frame is made by the state bicycle company. The frame, like most, is made of aluminum which is light and versatile. As a result, the frame is easier to work with.


What you can expect that’s new on this frame in comparison to other versions, is the tapered head tube which makes for more response and stiffness. You will be happy to know that the frame has a way to drill a water bottle carrying cage onto it.

  • It has a tapered head
  • It is lightweight
  • It is versatile
  • It is also drilled to enable you to attach a cage to keep a water bottle. That way you can stay hydrated without having to carry an extra bag
  • The recommended maximum rider height may not be suitable for you

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2. State Bicycle Black Label 6061 Aluminum Frame

State Bicycle Black Label 6061 Aluminum Frame
The State Black frame is one of the more affordable bike frames online, but it more than holds up its own when it comes to quality.

The frame is solid and the welding is of top quality and superior to most in its range.

The weld quality is only matched by the paint job. As customers have pointed out, the paint doesn’t wear out even when exposed to the elements. The design is simple but effective with no fancy graphics crowding the frame.

The headset and seats are well configured and the fork is light yet has a solid feel to it. One would expect a rough ride from a low-cost frame, but here the experience is smooth and comfortable.

Highlighted Features

  • Carbon fiber steer tube
  • Essor USA carbon fiber fork
  • Tig-welded aluminum frame
  • Solidly built

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3. Unbranded Motobecane Fixie Bicycle Frame Set

This frame set has an unassuming appearance, but it comes with all the necessary components to build a solid bike.

Constructed from high-quality materials, it is the ideal choice for those who need a reliable frame.

The frame is made from 6061 aluminum and comes with a Cro Moly fork steel. This is a solid combination and it shows when you use it to build a bike. The frame includes cable stops, bottle mounts, fender eyelets, and other vital components. The frame includes cable stops, bottle mounts, fender eyelets, and other vital components.

Highlighted Features

  • Full factory warranty
  • Installed frame savers
  • Headset included
  • Built for long term use

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Final Verdict on Fixie Bike Frames

We spend a lot of time going over the various components like the pedals, brakes, and seats that fundamental ones like the frames are taken for granted. That should not be the case since the frame is what holds everything together.

Experienced riders spend a lot of time researching, but with these reviews, you can have your pick of the best fixie bike frames and be assured of their quality. Even if you are new to bicycles, it helps if you know the ins and outs of buying frames so when the time comes you need a replacement, you’ll have no problem figuring out what you need.

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