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Best Fixie Bike – Guide & Reviews

A few years ago, these fixed gear bikes were all the rage, especially among the hipster set. Called a fixie by street kids, a bike like this doesn’t have any shifters and cogs for you to bother with. It offers a refreshing simplicity in its operations. You just pedal forward to go forward and you can even pedal backwards to go in reverse.

Do you want to stop? Stand on the pedals. It’s that simple. With the best fixie bike, you can easily pedal your way around your neighborhood or campus. Nowadays, you can find lots of these bikes for sale secondhand, but that’s a very iffy proposition. Why not just buy one brand-new? At least you won’t have to risk getting some deathtrap converted bike that’ll fall apart within days.

Below is the table which shows the top 9 best fixie bikes 2020.
ImageFixie Bike BrandEditor RatingCheck Price
Max4Out Bike Review4.7/5
6KU Track Bike Review4.5/5Check Price


Golden Cycles Fixie Bike Review 4.3/5Check Price
State Fixie Gear Bike Review4.7/5Check Price
Takara-Sugiyama Fixie Bike4.3/5Check Price
Thruster 700C Urban Fixie Bike
4.3/5Check Price
Retrospec Mantra V2 Fixie Review4.9/5Check Price
State Bicycle Fixie Bike Review4.8/5Check Price

State TRKLRD Throne Bike Review

4.4/5Check Price

Things to Consider When Buying a Fixie Bike

Now that the hipsters have moved on from their fixie bike fixation, for the most part, you’re now free to realize just how fun and exhilarating these bikes can be. They’re very light and maneuverable, and you won’t have those confusing gears to bother with. So how do you pick the best fixie bike for you? It’s mostly a matter of preference, but for the most part, you should consider the following factors:

Fixie Bike Prices

Now usually the price isn’t really a factor for fixed gear bikes. Very rarely will you find one that costs almost as much as a car does. Still, you should probably stick to spending just $500 at the most. You really don’t have to go with the fixed-gear bikes that cost more than a thousand bucks, and that’s just for the frameset!

Look and Style of Fixie Bikes

It ought to come in a variety of colors so that it will best suit your personality. Not everyone’s enamored of the all-black look, and funky colors can make it easier for you to find your bike among many in the parking lot.

Fixie Bike Skill level

Some bikes are more suited for beginners, such as those with brakes. Newbies should also insist on a flip-flop rear hub, so you can still use it as a single-speed freewheel bike. In the US alone, more than 900 cyclists die and almost half a million people receive emergency medical treatment as a result of bicycle accidents.

Component quality & Sizing options

You need a durable frame, and hopefully some high quality (or brand name) components. Not everyone’s the same size, so you need several sizes to choose from.


Recommended Best Fixie Bike

We know that picking one among the numerous available fixed-gear bikes can be a pain, so we’ve come up with a list of bikes that should do well for you. All these bikes do well in regards to the factors we’ve listed. They’re all affordable for the most part, they mostly offer several color combos, they feature high-quality materials and components, and you have several sizes to choose from.

Max4out Track Bike Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike 700 cc

Editor Rating:

There are several factors no bicyclist or commuter wants to skimp on: safety, stability, and comfort. All of which have been carefully considered and given the stamp of approval on this wonderful Max4out Track Bikes Single Speed Urban Fixie.


    • High ratings and sturdy materials make this a high-quality ride
    • Easy to assemble
    • High-performance tires are sturdy and ready to ride, and they can take a mild beating on rough asphalt
    • The sealed bottom bracket assures that no dirt or moisture can penetrate and cause the bike issues.

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6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle – Best fixed gear bikes under 1000

6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

Editor Rating:


This brand has earned quite a few rave reviews online, and we agree that it’s a heck of a bike. It’s even surprisingly affordable.

You can pick among 2 color combinations. Whatever you choose, it’ll look great. People will think it’s much more expensive than it really is.

In all likelihood, it’ll be the best-looking bike on campus.


  • The available sizes range from 52 to 58 cm.
  • It’s very light, and you can even lift it up with a single hand. That’s certainly convenient when you’re going up steps or the sidewalk.
  • The frame is quite durable, and the welds seem of high quality.
  • It can go very fast, and you’ll probably outpace your friends on mountain bikes. You can also go faster than regular road traffic in the city.
  • It’s also easy to assemble.
  • You can ride fixed-fear or freewheel, although you may want to replace the brake pads for freewheeling at the earliest opportunity.

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Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike Steel Frame Fixie with Deep V Rims-Collection

Editor Rating:


This is a great cruising bike, and at its price range, it’s surprisingly well-built. If you need a non-nonsense bike for regular commutes and easy rides around town, this is a great bike to ride.

With this bike, you have 10 color combos to choose from, with whimsical names like “Vader” for the matte black and “Sugar Coat” for the pink. It does look good, and it can really give you a distinct look on the bike rack.

  • The color combos will determine the size options. Some color combinations offer a 48-cm size, while you can get the Vader at 59 cm.
  • The frame is extremely durable, and it will last you for a very long while.
  • It’s not really all that heavy, although it feels solid enough.
  • It’s very comfortable to ride, and it also offers the option for single-speed freewheeling.

For the most part, you’ll want to change some of the components as time passes. But that frame is a real keeper. It’ll serve you well when you wish to customize it with other components that better fit your preferences.

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State Bicycle Co. Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed 3.0 Montecore Bike

Editor Rating:

This bike can be customized from what model you can choose from the handlebar styles and options. Additionally, you can select the perfect frame size. Six frame options are provided, ranging in several sizes, offering the best possible ride for you.

State Bicycle Co. stays true to themselves and the customer base to bring forth five handlebar styles: riser bars, bullhorns, pista bars, drop bars, and Pursuit. This allows riders to customize their specifications and optimize their ride based on their needs or location.

Fixies are raved about and appreciated because they are a stripped-down bike. These bikes offer the rider a lightweight ride without sacrificing too much performance. Not much is involved in a fixie. However, what parts this bike has, it goes all out on. The Fixed-Gear 3.0 Montecore Bike is the best and most customizable option around.


Some of the pros that come with this bike include…

  • Fully Customizable: over a dozen different standard models to choose from. Customizable from top to bottom.
  • Frame Choice: Choose the best fit for you with six different frame sizes to accommodate each body.
  • Lightweight: Made from lightweight 4130 Chromoly.
  • Warranty: Includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Dependent on product defects.

Everything about these bikes can be personalized and made to fit the rider to a T. Not only that, but this bike is affordable for what you get. Additionally, online reviews rave about this product, saying that there is little to complain about.

Create a bike that is all you and join the fixie revolution by getting a State Bicycle Co. Fixed-Gear 3.0 Montecore Bike and make every ride just as fun and fantastic as the last.

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Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Single Speed Fixie Bike

Editor Rating:

Are you considering buying the Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike? Let’s take a look at what you will be getting with this bike. The frame is 58cm and comes in different colors. The wheels are 29inches. For added safety, this bike has both rear and front brakes.it also comes with a flip flop hub with a fixed gear.

Concerning warranty, the manufacturer gives you a 180-day warranty on defects on the frame and a 60-day warranty if the defect has to do with the components. If you want it to last you a while, it is better to ride it on a smooth surface rather than on rocky terrain, or gravel, which can damage the rims since there isn’t much suspension.  


  • It looks good
  • The stickers come off easily if you don’t want to ride around with them on.
  • It’s affordable
  • It is durable and should allow you to use it extensively before you need to send it in for maintenance.


  • You will need to assemble it in part by yourself which isn’t always easy
  • It is best used for flat terrains, such as city roads

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Thruster 700c Urban Fixie Gear Bike Black / Red

Thruster 700C Urban Fixie Bike Black / Red

Editor Rating:
Choosing a bike means choosing comfort, versatility, and speed. The might be a contender for any city rider thanks to its steel frame, strong wheels, and ability to switch from fixed to single gear. 

As a city bike, you can expect no frills or extras that will bog down your riding experience. Nonetheless, each Thruster bike is stylish and practical. They are available in black or matte red colors.


  • Lightweight, but durable, frame
  • Great for the price
  • Rides smoothly
  • Handles gravel and pavement
  • Lasts several years

The customer support here is also very helpful, and they’ll address any issues you may have as best as they can.

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Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2 Single Speed Fixie Bike

Editor Rating:

It is a reasonably priced bike but is considered by many as the best of its class.

It offers 3 available sizes, which can a height range from 5’2” to 6’3”.

Whilst there is no color choice the azure blue is a classic timeless color.


    • Light and durable tensile steel frame
    • A safety braking system for novice riders
    • All-weather use with the Kenda Kwest tires for water displacement.
    • Convenient flip-flop hub for coasting
    • Plenty of sizes and designs to choose from.

The quality of this bike is outstanding, and assembling it is easy enough. It even comes with dual brakes, which can really set the minds of freewheelers at ease.

State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear 6061 Black Label V2 Fixie Single Speed Bike


Editor Rating:


Now this is among the most expensive of the lot, and that’s because this Arizona-based company really cares about quality.

They also offer lots of custom options, and in fact, you can just about pick every component you want for this bike from top to bottom.

Here you get 6 frame sizes, ranging from 46 to 62 cm. That means you’re able to get the precise size you need for your height.

  • Color options are numerous too, as you can pick from 20 choices available.
  • You can even pick the handlebar style you want. Your options include pista bars, pursuit, riser bars, bullhorns, and drop bars.
  • The components are of high quality, which explains the price.
  • It also comes with both freewheel and fixed-gear capabilities.

You won’t have to change a lot of the components, as the stock parts are top-notch. His is a durable bike you can depend on, and you won’t worry all that much about bumps and potholes on the road.

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Throne Cycles Track Lord Alloy 6061 Fixed Gear Bicycle with Carbon Fork

Editor Rating:


This is the priciest of the lot, but then again its quality is truly outstanding.

The size offerings range from 49 cm to 62 cm. That means if your height is within 5 feet flat to 6’6”, you’ll be able to find the right size among the 6 size options available.

You also have 11 color schemes to choose from. They range from the matte black to the Hot Pink that can really test how secure you are in your masculinity. Regardless of the color scheme you choose, you won’t find a blemish or flaw in the paint.

  • Everything, from the frame to the components, is exceptional.
  • You also get the option to switch from fixed gear to single speed freewheel. It also comes with front and rear brakes when in single-speed mode.

This can handle corners nimbly, and in a straight line it can also go frighteningly fast. It’s very beautiful, and even non-bikers will be impressed by its looks.

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Final Verdict on Buying Best Fixie Bike

If you need a workout, then a fixie is great for your needs. The wheels move when the pedals move, and that’s the beauty of it. Because you don’t have all the confusing gears to worry about, very few things can go wrong with it. If you are looking for best fixed gear bikes under 1000 or 500 then our best recommendation is 6KU track fixed-gear bicycle.

At the same time, we do know that many want the option for freewheel cruising around town, which is why every bike on this list has that option. Pick any of these bikes, and you have a dependable bike that’s comfy for cruising and speedy for urban commutes.

Every year they say that the fixie is going out of style, and every year it remains a bestseller. With the best fixie bike, you can now enjoy your rides around town much better than with your mountain bikes!

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