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John Seager is the Editor of Bikeeo.com. Who is a Bike enthusiast and love to share what he know about this field. In personal life he is a father of a lovely girl and a beloved husband. He loves to go on city trips and spent some time on a bike to discover a new city.

mountain biking safety gear

Mountain Bike Safety: Staying safe while having fun!

Mountain bike safety is a very important topic that you should consider before you go out and eat up the single-track. There are many tactics you can consider using when trying to increase your mountain bike safety. Remember though, mountain bike safety starts with you and you using your common sense when riding on the …

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Best bike phone Mounts

Top 5 Best Bike Phone Mounts Of 2018

Not everyone has the ability to use a map while riding a bike. Maybe nobody has, but the important thing is that nearly everyone owns a smartphone.Smartphones can come in handy while riding a bike. Want directions to some place? Cool. Open up your smartphone. Want to check how many calories you ought to burn? …

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Best cycling backpacks

5 Best Cycling Backpacks in 2018

Only a long road cyclist knows the importance of a great backpack. Are you a cyclist? Yes? Awesome, because this article about Best cycling backpacks will show you the best of the best backpacks suited for a dedicated cyclist. Also, if you’re not a cyclist and you happen to be reading this, I’m sure this …

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Choosing a Bike

How to Choose a Bike

Are you Thinking of Buying a Bicycle/Bike? Buying a bike depends on what kind of cycling you want to do. The table below will help you in choosing a bike: Edit   RIDING STYLE BIKE TYPE Weekend Warrior Infrequent riding (once or twice a month, under 10kms). On road and on bike paths. Riding to …

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Retrospec Bicycles Mantra Fixed-Gear-Single-Speed Wheelset

A Look at Some Important Upgrades for Your Fixie

Well, buying a fixie bike, or any bike for that matter, isn’t something of a ‘set and forget’ thing. At some point, you would realize you can get more out of your fixie, and would want to upgrade it. This realization may or may not be “real”, but having the best version of your bike …

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Best Fixie Bike Frames – Guide & Reviews

Are you confused by all the bicycle frames being sold today? There was a time when bikes only used one type of frame, but times have changed and there are now specific frame types for specific bikes. One of the most common mistakes new riders make is assuming that any type of frame will do, …

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